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Our Story
I started Sweet Creations in June of 2006 after a lengthy time of being a caregiver of my father whom I lost to dementia on Mother's Day 2006.  I had always made birthday cakes for my son, now 33 years old when he was little.  Then three precious grand-babies came along, and of course, I wouldn't hear of anyone else doing their birthday cakes.  It was in the middle of one of those birthday cakes, my sister-in-law inquired as to why I wasn't doing cakes like this as a business.  I never dreamed my cakes were that good.  I began to look into the possibly of making cakes for others special occasions and seen there really wasn't much in what I done being offered and thought maybe I was on to something.  I started out slowly just doing cakes for family and friends and the word began to pass on and soon I was dreaming of what I could do for the next cake in my sleep every night.
I entered one of my cakes in the Knoxville County Fair in 2006 and won the 1st place blue ribbon, never dreaming anyone would even notice my work.  Below is a picture of that very cake with a few closeup's of my little barnyard animals.

My husband who is the Associate Pastor of our church and a Diesel Mechanic by trade, would come along every now and then and offer his advice.  Little by little I learned he may actually know what he was talking about and thus we became a team.  Things progressed eventually from him offering advice to actually getting in there and carving cakes, doing better on some than I did.  I have to admit, he carves a far better Nascar cake than I ever could.  Ben's been hurt at work and can no longer do what he's been so highly trained to do.  These days, he's putting his knowledge of construction and such into Sweet Creations cakes, always ready and willing to pitch in when needed.  Together we make up a team that just can't be beat.

We would like to continue to grow, doing what we enjoy doing best.  Our joy comes the moment we deliver a cake or a cake is picked up and we see the recipient's face and know it surpasses all they dreamed it would.  We have come to be acquainted with many special folks on our cake journey, many whom we know we will remain friends with throughout life.  For this all the many long hours are worth it all.  We thank God for our talents, but more so for the folks He allows to cross our paths along the way.

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